• Hacker Intelligence Initiative (HII)

    Issued approximately six times a year, the Imperva Hacker Intelligence Initiative (HII) reports go inside the cyber-underground to provide in-depth, forward-looking analysis at trending hacking techniques and interesting attack campaigns. These provocative, creative and innovative research papers aim not to solely understand what has happened in the past, but to deep dive into what is ahead and what’s needed to proactively stay ahead of hackers’ next moves.

  • HTTP/2: In-depth Analysis of the Top Four Flaws of the Next Generation Web Protocol

    This report analyzes the four high-profile vulnerabilities which the Imperva Defense Center team uncovered in the latest implementation of the Worldwide Web’s underlying protocol. Read this report to find out more about the exploitable vulnerabilities which the team discovered in nearly all of the new HTTP/2 components.

  • Denial of Service Attacks: A Comprehensive Guide to Trends, Techniques and Technologies

    On hacker forums, denial of service remains the most discussed topic. Hackers continue to develop tools to optimize this attack method. Why? DDoS attacks do not seek to breach data integrity or privacy; they can be conducted without the requirement of identifying vulnerabilities to exploit the application. This report catalogs the latest trends, techniques and technologies deployed by hackers and gives security professionals specific steps to mitigate the threat.

  • Security Trends 2012

    Hacking is inherently innovative and constantly changing. As 2012 approaches, security teams will need to adapt to a changing threat landscape as Cybersecurity remains one of the most dynamic and fluid disciplines worldwide. The Imperva Defense Center, led by Imperva CTO Amichai Shulman, is exclusively focused on advancing the practice of Cybersecurity to help companies shield themselves from the threat of hackers and insiders. For 2012, the Imperva Defense Center has assembled a comprehensive set of predictions designed to help security professionals prepare for new threats and attacks in cyber space.

  • Monitoring Hacker Forums

    As a part of the Imperva hacker intelligence initiative, we monitor hacker forums to understand many of the technical aspects of hacking. Forums are the cornerstone of hacking - they are used by hackers for training, communications, collaboration, recruitment, commerce and even social interaction. Forums contain tutorials to help curious neophytes mature their skills. Chat rooms are filled with technical subjects ranging from advice on attack planning and solicitations for help with specific campaigns. Commercially, forums are a marketplace for selling of stolen data and attack software. Most surprisingly, forums build a sense of community where members can engage in discussions on religion, philosophy and relationships.