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Prevent online fraud

Losses from online fraud are expected to exceed $206 billion over the next five years, driven by identity fraud, fake accounts and payment fraud. Organizations must ensure that they are able to detect and stop fraudulent activity on their applications.

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A leader in the Forrester Wave™: Bot Management, Q2 2022

Superior bot detection technology

Gain visibility and control over human, good bot, and bad bot traffic without imposing friction on legitimate users

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Advanced bot protection stands in the way of bad actors

Online fraud in the era of stealth data exfiltration and evasive automation

From sneaky client-side attacks that steal sensitive data, to bots that leverage it to commit fraud – online fraud has evolved significantly, rendering traditional security tools ineffective. As financial incentives grow and attack costs lower, the risk increases.

Online fraud in the era of stealth mobile
  • More consumers to protect

    The pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital payments. With more accounts and transactions to protect, the risk of fraud grows.

  • Fraud has become commoditized

    The ease of purchasing leaked credentials and card numbers online, then leveraging bots to test and verify them against websites has increased the lucrativeness for online fraud.

  • Bots are getting smarter by the day

    Bot attack techniques are constantly evolving, allowing them to evade traditional bot mitigation measures and commit online fraud.

  • The fraud assembly line has evolved

    Client-side attacks exploit compromised JavaScript to steal sensitive data. That stolen data is then used to feed bots performing automated fraud and account takeovers.

Online fraud prevention must constantly adapt to the ever-shifting threat landscape

Online fraud prevention mobile
  • Protect while preserving customer experience

    Stopping automated fraud requires state of the art detection that ensures legitimate consumers always have availability.

  • Safeguard your customer accounts

    Gain clear visibility into attack attempts, leaked user credentials, compromised user accounts and successful login attempts.

  • Ensure consumer data privacy

    Prevent compromised 3rd party JavaScript from stealing your customers’ data by simply blocking any unapproved 3rd party code.

  • Your ally in the fight against automated fraud

    Dedicated support from analysts that are subject matter experts in automated fraud, with years of experience fighting bad bots.

Reduce the cost of regulatory compliance with automation

Reduce costs

Minimize the direct and indirect costs of fraud – reduce chargebacks, customer support costs and free your IT team to focus on the things that matter most.

Buy-down risk

Reduce the risk of noncompliance with data privacy regulations such as PCI, GDPR, CCPA etc.

Improve customer experience

Detection without unnecessary friction on legitimate consumers provides a better customer experience, leading to improved conversion rates.

How Imperva can help you prevent online fraud

Advanced Bot Protection

Advanced Bot Protection

Protect websites, mobile apps and APIs from automated fraud without affecting your legitimate users.

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Account Takeover Protection

Proactively block account takeover fraud and inform consumers before they are victimized.

Client Side Protection

Client-Side Protection

Prevent online fraud from website supply chain attacks like formjacking, digital skimming, and Magecart.