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Waiting Room

Waiting Room enables you to control visitor traffic during peak periods or when your site is undergoing maintenance, by placing your customers into a first-in-first-out virtual queuing system, updated with their estimated remaining wait time, where they remain until it is their turn to access your website.

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Always be available for your customers

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Waiting Room lets you to set a threshold for incoming visitors to your site and when that number is exceeded visitors are routed to a virtual holding space which is handled on a First-In/First-Out basis.

This means that your website remains online and customers are not put off by ‘site unavailable’ messages which may even encourage them to go elsewhere.

Instead, they are simply placed into a virtual Waiting Room where they will be presented with their estimated wait time.

As a result, your customers will have a more satisfying and seamless user experience and are more likely to return.

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Waiting Room benefits

Keep your website online

During peak traffic times manage traffic to your website by redirecting visitors to a virtual waiting room

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Reduce cart abandonment

Reduce mid-purchase abandonment during peak shopping events by placing customers in a queue

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Avoid maintenance downtime

Control the number of visitors accessing your website during maintenance to avoid disruption

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Control traffic and stay online

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When a customer experiences downtime or is unable to access a website, they will often redirect to another site - which can equate to a significant loss in earnings.

Waiting Room allows you to stay in control of traffic and ensures that your website is able to handle all incoming visitors, including legitimate bot traffic.

By using Waiting Room your visitors are redirected to a virtual room where they are placed in a first-in-first-out queue and updated with their estimated remaining wait time.

Manage visitor access when you need to

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You set your traffic limits, ensuring a comfortable visitor experience throughout site maintenance, during heavy visitor load, or whenever you choose.

Waiting Room allows you to control traffic during peak traffic periods, during promotions, on Black Friday or CyberMonday, or whenever your visitor flow might cause website slow down and reduce your customer experience.

Simple to use, and ready to go in only a few minutes.

Enhance customer experience

Client Side Protection

Wait time visibility

Customers see an estimated wait time and reduces site slow down

Content delivery network

Easy to use

Easily set traffic limits and visitor access numbers, and/or use our automated system

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Customizable interface

Tailor your customer holding area with your brand identity