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DDoS Protection

Imperva DDoS Protection secures all your assets at the edge for uninterrupted operation. Ensure business continuity with guaranteed uptime.

DDoS Protection service that works

  • Instant attack notifications Mail, SMS, and mobile app
  • Easy monitoring Network traffic and application analytics
  • Uncover the real threats Layer 3/4 and Layer 7 event correlation via Attack Analytics
  • Integration with your SIEM Works seamlessly with the leading SIEMs
Imperva DDoS Protection
Imperva DDoS Protection
  • Quick deployment and scaling Software-defined network (SDN) automated tuning
  • The best traffic routing Advanced Anycast at the edge
  • Real-time capacity management Load conditions, granularity of Internet pipes for every point of presence (PoP)
  • Minimal latency to 95% of the globe Global mesh network
DDoS optimized performance
DDoS optimized performance

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