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Cloud Data Security

Imperva delivers fast, simple, and powerful SaaS-based data posture management and protection for AWS and Azure managed database services.

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Imperva Cloud Data Security provides important risk management capabilities not available in public cloud services.

Cloud Data Security tells you who’s accessing your sensitive data and what they’re doing with it, and notifies you of critical risks or incidents.

Automation delivers the level of scale and accuracy needed in rapidly changing cloud environments – eliminating the need for people to keep pace.

cloud data security dashboard
cloud data security dashboard

Cloud Data Security provides automation that delivers the speed and scale cloud environments demand, supercharging your ability to protect and manage your fast-growing cloud data stores.

  • Automatically discover and classify sensitive data
  • Detect policy violations and risky behavior
  • Automate reporting and compliance processes
  • Employ advanced analytics to detect changing security threats
cds optimized performance
cds optimized performance

Imperva Cloud Data Security is a cloud-native SaaS solution. It supports the most popular managed database types available in Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift and Microsoft Azure.

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MariaDB
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Azure SQL
cds supported platforms
cds supported platforms

Proven benefits of Cloud Data Security

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  • Born-in-cloud security

    Imperva’s solution is purpose-built for DBaaS and delivered as SaaS, preserving the agility and cost benefits you expect from the cloud.

  • Focus on what you do best

    Just as cloud platforms handle the tedious, time-consuming details of managing your DBaaS platform, Imperva handles your database security challenge and compliance concerns so you can focus on your business.

  • Peace of mind

    There’s no need to share database login credentials because Imperva never accesses or queries your databases.

  • Innovation for maximum performance

    Imperva’s patent-pending technology only needs to examine log files to gather security intelligence, so there is no impact on your database performance.

  • Easy to get started

    You can connect your cloud platform account in a few minutes and Imperva will begin discovering and classifying your critical data.