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User behavior analytics

Imperva Data Security Fabric includes data risk analytics capabilities to automate the detection of non-compliant, risky, or suspicious data access behavior of your global data repositories to determine if the behavior is an actual security incident.

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Gain control over security event management

Using data risk analytics, you get visibility into a broad range of events from accidental exposures to persistent attacks by an evasive exploit, so you can quickly evaluate and know what’s happening before it’s too late.

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  • Faster problem resolution times

  • Categorize and prioritize by real risks, rather than anomalies

  • Spot bad actors before they cause damage

  • Correct non-compliance issues before audit failures

  • Get clear summaries that explain complex issues in plain language

  • Eliminate false positives, and enable SOC teams to focus on the critical issues

How user behavior analytics works

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Imperva combines deep domain security expertise with machine learning (ML) to identify both suspicious user and computer system behaviors that violate security policies, practices, or peer group norms. Purpose-built detection algorithms instantly recognize active attack exploits and immediately send critical incident alerts.

With the capabilities that data risk analytics provides, you can spot threats even when they come from complex or evasive activities. Low-risk events are filtered out or de-prioritized so your staff can stay focused on what’s most important.

Customizable rules enable you to incorporate unique risk attributes that are specific to your environment, into the analytics process.

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Know who’s accessing your sensitive data

Highly actionable alerting

Experience a new level of smart event alerts with signature-based detection, behavioral analysis, combined with decades of database expertise.

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Active attack detection

Pattern-matching attack techniques significantly reduce the opportunity for an attack to be successful.

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Remediate security gaps

Calculate data risk scores, and other metrics to remediate data security gaps before a data breach event occurs.

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How Imperva helps scale as you expand your global data

Database Risk and Compliance

Data Security, Risk, & Compliance

Identify risks and manage compliance for all your global data repositories, through Imperva’s Data Security Fabric that is designed to work anywhere your data is located.

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Data Discovery & Classification

Discover, classify, and assess personal and sensitive business data stored anywhere on-premises, in the cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid environments.

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100% visibility into your AWS and Azure cloud or multi-cloud) databases, with 0% hassle. Imperva enables complete AWS, Azure, and multi-cloud database security.