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Advancing data governance

Business runs on data. To ensure smooth, safe operation, organizations need effective data governance, and clear insight into the security, integrity, and usefulness of the information they depend on. Imperva delivers the visibility into critical data and automated control to overcome business obstacles and catalyze a robust overall data governance program.

Analyst recognition

Named overall leader in KuppingerCole 2021 Leadership Compass: Database and Big Data Security.

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Imperva Data Security solutions are used by some of the largest data-driven customers in the world across banking, insurance, financial services, healthcare, energy, and government.

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Forward thinking

Imperva has been a market and technology leader in data-centric security since 2001, and with the acquisition of jSonar in 2020, increasing innovation.

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So much data, so little governance

Organizations believe in the value of data governance, but face big challenges realizing workable, effective programs. Successful data governance efforts start with the basics - efficiently cataloging and protecting sensitive enterprise information.

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  • Critical information is hiding in plain sight

    Information grows at an astounding rate. Discovering, classifying and cataloging enterprise data contained in diverse, fragmented silos is an ongoing business commitment.

  • Manual and DIY approaches won’t scale

    Many organizations’ manual efforts or self-built tools can’t scale to address all their data assets, and make data governance processes slow, expensive, and inefficient.

  • ‘Set it and forget it’ security and privacy efforts fall short

    In a constantly-changing data landscape, it’s an ongoing task to identify and correct data stores’ weak security posture and inappropriate user access rights.

  • Ongoing data access reporting consumes security resources

    Delivering reports about who has what access to which data and what they did - a critical data governance objective - can be overwhelming for security teams.

Effective data governance requires visibility and control

Sound data governance enforces corporate policies to ensure data is trustworthy and doesn’t get misused. This is increasingly critical as organizations face new data privacy regulations and rely more and more on data analytics to optimize operations and business decision-making.

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  • Catalog your data estate with powerful automation

    Continuously discovering and classifying your sensitive data, no matter where it resides, are critical requirements for maintaining an accurate catalog of your enterprise information.

  • Protect data at scale with centralized policy controls

    By centralizing security and compliance controls for many data repositories, the time, effort and expertise required to maintain effective security management is significantly reduced.

  • Make security information useful with contextualization

    Raw security information about your data can be hard to interpret. Adding context turns it into actionable intelligence, enabling you to safeguard your data’s availability and integrity.

  • Ensure appropriate access to critical security information

    Many teams need to know the where, who, and how of data. Simplify safe access to this information with self-service reporting and analytics tool integration, unburdening your data security team.

Know who’s accessing your sensitive data

Enterprise-wide data awareness

Continuously find and classify your valuable information whether it’s structured or unstructured, on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud.

Confidence in data integrity

Ensure protection, availability and integrity of your critical data with security measures focused on the data itself, augmenting network and application security.

Controlled data access

Unlock appropriate access to security data for teams throughout your organization with self-service reporting and built-in support for popular analytics tools.

How Imperva can Help You With Data Governance?

Database Risk and Compliance

Database Risk & Compliance

Take the first step toward data governance with discovery, classification, and activity monitoring.

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Data User Behavior Security Analytics 1

Data User Behavior Analytics

Identify unusual data activity and policy violations to investigate and contain data misuse.

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