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Imperva Data Security Fabric

Protect data at scale with an enterprise-class, multicloud, hybrid security solution for all data types.

Open, extensible protection for all data

Provides broadest data repository coverage

Extend data security across multicloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments

Protects all data sources and types

Discover and classify structured, semi-structured, & unstructured

Integrates with ecosystem technologies

Prioritize data risk for both incident context and additional data capabilities

Unifies visibility, control, automation & insights

Centralize data management via a single data service or dashboard

A single adaptable solution for data-centric security

  • Apply consistent data access policies enterprise wide
  • Discover ungoverned data, classify, and assess vulnerabilities
  • Cover all data types – structured, semi-structured, and unstructured
  • Continuously monitor who’s accessing your sensitive data and what they’re doing with it
  • Detect threats such as anomalous behavior, data exfiltration, privilege escalation, suspicious account creation, and more
  • Reduce false positives to eliminate noise and better prioritize critical issues
  • Accelerate incident response and time to resolution
  • Mitigate risk in both non-production and production environments
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telescope at night 1028x718 1
  • Deliver the scale and speed needed for a rapidly changing cloud environment
  • Proactively protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical business information
  • Continuously analyze threat activity and enforce policy compliant user behavior
  • Simplify collaboration across governance teams and departments
  • Eliminate time consuming, manual compliance work with pre-configured templates, reports, and policy-driven record retention
  • Gain live data access to archived records retained over multiple years
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automated robots 1028x550 2
  • Both agentless and agent-based data platform support
  • Interoperability with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud and more
  • Broad support for a variety of data transformation techniques
  • Quickly integrate with hundreds of tools using industry standard protocols
  • Flexible licensing options for securing data in any-sized business
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