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Sensitive and personal data security

Due to exploding data growth, protecting data, maintaining compliance, and ensuring privacy has never been harder. To succeed, businesses need complete visibility into all data repositories - on-premises, in the cloud, and hybrid environments.


Imperva Data Security Fabric: 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Award winner

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Many of the largest companies in banking, insurance, financial services, and healthcare rely on Imperva

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Imperva wins “market leader” for Data Security and “cutting edge” for Cloud Security - 2022 Cyber Defense Global InfoSec Awards

Securing data is challenging with any sized staff

Many companies don’t know where all their sensitive and customers’ PPI data is, so are unaware of the risks.

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  • Ignorance is the same as non-compliance

    If organizations don’t know where all their regulated data is, they are not compliant, and the risk of exposure can be severe.

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  • Avoid the risks of data breaches or exfiltration

    Damage to a company’s brand, customer attrition, increased regulatory scrutiny, and steep fines, are only a few of the costs and business risks organizations can incur from a data breach.

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  • Privacy laws give data leakage victims legal standing

    Numerous global regulations specifically cite an organization’s obligations to secure personal data, and businesses are accountable for protecting that data.

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  • Data breaches create negative PR

    Cyberattacks happen daily, but when they access sensitive data it becomes costly and harms business’ reputation, leading to customer and shareholder dissatisfaction.

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Discover, classify, and assess global data

Automate continuous discovery and classification processes to find sensitive and critical data

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  • Know where your data is and if it’s safe

    Automatically assess user data entitlements, verify proper data access configurations, and deliver up-to-date CVE patches while meeting global data security standards.

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  • Detect threats and enable compliant data handling

    Continually monitor data access, regardless of type, while detecting potential insider threats, or compromised user accounts - the most common cause of data breaches.

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  • Collect the necessary forensic audit records

    Compliance and security are continuous processes. Simplify this process by automating the required compliance auditing, data collection, and reporting functions.

  • Legally fulfill data rights requests

    Automate the backend, data-related processes, at scale, for data subject access requests such as personal data lookup and limiting data use.

Keeping sensitive data secure

Data security for Zero Trust

Enhance and complement your Zero Trust framework with strong data security posture management that discovers and classifies all your data

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Accelerate digital transformation

Imperva assists the digital transformation process by identifying and securing business data migration to the cloud

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Monitor vulnerabilities to reduce attacks

Monitoring and reporting on who has access to what data, where it is, and when it’s used reduces the overall attack surface

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How Imperva helps safeguard sensitive and personal data

Database Risk and Compliance

Data Security Fabric (DSF)

Learn how Imperva’s Data Security Fabric (DSF) helps organizations get ahead of data security threats and get compliant.

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