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Data security compliance at scale

Imperva Data Security Fabric (DSF) automates and simplifies regulatory compliance activities, providing superior long-term retention of live audit data. Imperva DSF takes advantage of next-generation data warehousing technology that leverages storage efficiency, scalability, and query performance advances.

Imperva DSF consolidates years' worth of database activity, leveraging Imperva's internal data lake while simultaneously applying purpose-built hybrid columnar compression algorithms. The net result is creating a single accessible data repository of audit data ideally suited for enabling a variety of users and use cases to easily leverage current and retained activity data to meet regulatory compliance mandates efficiently.

Imperva DSF's compliance at any scale advantage

Provides broadest coverage across multicloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments

Utilize any cost-effective underlying storage infrastructure you already own, while simultaneously leveraging the efficiencies of public clouds.

Imperva DSF allows you to utilize any cost-effective underlying storage infrastructure you already own, both on-premises resources such as a Storage Area Network (SAN) or cloud services such as Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier, Google Cloud Storage, or Azure blobs for the greatest cost efficiency. Imperva DSF has visibility into all public clouds, as well as third-party DBaaS providers and big-data companies such as Snowflake, Teradata, Cloudera, and others. Imperva DSF consolidates information across all audited data assets – fully indexed and efficiently stored – so that you have years worth of information at your fingertips should you need to retrieve it later.

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Protects any data sources and types, across structured, semi-structured, & unstructured

Comprehensive visibility and access to all data types across the data estate.

Imperva Data Security Fabric (DSF) provides a comprehensive and unified view of enterprise data across structured and unstructured data management systems — meaning audit and retention policies are applied consistently everywhere.

Structured data support includes traditional databases, mainframes, data warehouses, and databases hosted in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and more. Imperva DSF will also discover and classify semi-structured and unstructured data formats for Microsoft Office Documents, PDFs, and other commonly used data types found in on-premises network file shares, in big data systems, cloud data lakes, or cloud data repositories — such as Amazon S3 buckets, Microsoft OneDrive, Azure blob storage, or Google Drive for Google Workspace.

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Integrates with ecosystem technologies for incident context and additional data capabilities

Use your existing analytic tools with full access to all audit data through a unified service.

Integrations with 3rd-party data analytics tools provide additional options so that any audit data stakeholder in the organization can use their favored search, reporting, or data mining tools such, as Tableau. By integrating with such tools, Imperva DSF can provide visually appealing and actionable reports to security teams, executives, and auditors, facilitating better decision-making and compliance reporting. Tasks that formerly required days to complete can be executed in minutes, saving time, shortening audit cycles, and significantly reducing compliance overhead costs.

Organizations using Splunk can save significantly on ingestion costs by using Imperva DSF to normalize, compress, and filter raw activity logs before using Splunk to ingest it.

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Unified visibility, control, automation & insights via a single data service or dashboard

Built-in dashboards and on-demand visualization tools produce a unified view of all audited data assets — no matter where they are located.

Imperva Data Security Fabric (DSF) provides full data activity visibility across your entire organization. Imperva DSF continuously locates all data sources, tracks who has access, and audits what they are doing, so you can easily document that data is appropriately protected and being used as prescribed.

Imperva DSF has built-in interactive dashboards and on-demand Kibana visualization tools that deliver easy-to-understand reports and graphs. APIs enable controlled access by SOC staff, DBAs, forensics professionals, etc., through their favorite tools. Through a single service, you can easily demonstrate compliance and conduct forensics with real-time, interactive, multi-year data exploration.

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Key capabilities that enable compliance at any scale

Data Discovery & Classification

Data Discovery and Classification supports compliance as it categorizes and tracks your most business critical data by scanning the entire enterprise network footprint, both on-premises and across multi-cloud environments. Imperva provides out-of-the-box regular expressions that automatically identify many of the data types covered by industry-specific regulatory mandates such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, CCPA and GDPR which may require classification of different data attributes.

Data Activity Monitoring

Many compliance standards, such as GDPR, require organizations to maintain a secure environment for data processing, making data activity monitoring critical. To comply with compliance regulations, you need to be able to answer the questions: who is accessing the data and how is the data being used? Imperva DSF Data Activity Monitoring provides complete visibility into all data activity no matter where the data is located.

Sensitive Data Management

Privileged user data access control - showing who has what level of access to sensitive data and what they did with it – is a critical privacy and security compliance objective that is often difficult to implement. Imperva DSF Sensitive Data Management continuously monitors and analyzes all database activity automatically, including local privileged user access and service accounts – in real time – to ensure that your data can only be accessed by authorized users.

Data Retention & Archive

Imperva DSF automates audit record storage and archiving by allowing you to define audit data retention policy, deduplicating and compressing the information in ratios up to 10x, at thousands of events per second per core so you can cost-efficiently collect and retain everything in one place to meet any multi-year retention requirement or policy.

How compliance at any scale benefits industry

Healthcare relies on secure data and reliable access to it

Imperva delivers end-to-end protection and compliance for critical healthcare data and applications.

Data security for financial services

Imperva protects banks, insurance companies, payments providers, and financial exchanges with data security for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid data stores.

Government cyber protection

Defense-in-depth security for government organizations and agencies. Imperva helps authorities prevent cyber attacks, identify insider threats, and achieve data compliance.

Splunk optimization for compliance

Splunk optimization
Organizations that use Splunk to retain log records to enable compliance with regulatory record retention requirements can see significant benefits with Imperva Data Security Fabric (DSF). Splunk log files can represent a significant amount of data that needs to be indexed and stored. Imperva DSF acts as a data access log preprocessor that compresses the raw data, reducing the size (and cost) of what Splunk ingests. Just as important, Imperva DSF enriches the records with more detail into what data was accessed, which can accelerate security incident response and forensics.

Imperva Data Security Fabric protects all data types with a single system that delivers multiple business capabilities

Imperva Data Security Fabric is the first data-centric solution that enables your organization's security and compliance teams to quickly and easily secure sensitive data, no matter where it resides, with an integrated, proactive approach to visibility and predictive analytics.

Imperva Data Security Fabric is composed of cutting-edge orchestrated technical capabilities that work in unison to protect your data across your entire organization:

Data Discovery & Classification

Data Activity Monitoring

Data Retention & Archive

Data Risk Management

Ecosystem Integrations

Data Encryption & Tokenization

Static Data Masking

Automated Workflows & Playbooks

Sensitive Data Management