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Secure cloud data migration

Digital transformation means having business data repositories in new, transformative locations—like in the cloud. Data security in the cloud has grown beyond compliance monitoring, and must be a part of every critical IT decision.

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Industry analyst recognition

Named overall leader in KuppingerCole 2021 Leadership Compass: Database and Big Data Security

Support for 65+ databases

The most complete platform support for cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises, and hybrid database environments

Many thousands of customers

34 of the Fortune 100 companies—in many industries—rely on Imperva for their data security needs

Data asset management is critical

Data security is smart business. Secure data—wherever it resides—from outsider and insider attacks.

Your data is the most valuable resource on the planet mobile

Scale data security wherever data resides

During cloud data migration it is important to ensure uninterrupted data security.

Scale security with an automated approach mobile
  • Eliminate hybrid/multi-cloud complexity with a unified approach

    A unified data security platform handles hybrid and multi-cloud data security and compliance challenges and ensures uniform policy enforcement.

  • Achieve data management at high levels of scale with centralized policy controls

    By centralizing data security and compliance controls for data repositories, the time, effort and expertise required to maintain effective data security management is significantly reduced.

  • Distill billions of events into critical, concise, and clear alerts

    Security teams can focus on what’s important when they have the right tools to discover and identify unauthorized data access across a broad, fragmented data repository ecosystem.

  • Orchestrated, and automated data security processes increase efficiency and eliminate timely response bottlenecks

    By automating data security processes, such as data management and privileged user reconciliation, organizations can ensure that urgent data security remediation responses happen in a timely manner.

Respond faster with unified data analysis

A unified, global data security view

Achieve simpler, more effective data security by unifying the view of all databases, in all hybrid or multi-cloud locations, under a single platform.

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Raw data turned into actionable intelligence

Easily identify and respond to what’s important, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to process terabytes of data.

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Faster data security team responses

Operationalize and speed up data security process responses, via workflow integration with SIEM, service ticketing, and business intelligence platforms.

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How Imperva helps secure cloud data

Database Risk and Compliance

Database risk and compliance

Discover, classify, and secure data across on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments.

Data Privacy 1

Data privacy is a business mandate

Discover and safeguard personal data stored anywhere on-premises, in the cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid data repositories.

Managed Database Security 1

Database as a Service (DBaaS) security

Secure cloud-native data and streamline compliance processes for databases in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure.