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Keep business up. Enemies down. Imperva automatically prevents cybercriminals from exploiting application vulnerabilities, stops bad bots, and blocks DDoS attacks—in the cloud or on-premises.

Block DDoS attacks

Going down is not an option. Imperva protects your websites, infrastructure and name servers from low-and-slow and volumetric DDoS attacks 24/7 with web application security testing.

Don’t leave your APIs and mobile apps open

You’re only as secure as your weakest app. Imperva uses multiple security methods like dynamic profiling, rate limiting, and access controls to safeguard vulnerable APIs and mobile applications.

Thwart hidden attacks

They try to sneak in. We keep them out. Imperva blocks known and unknown application attacks like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and remote file inclusion so your web applications stay secure and your code happy.

Deploy the way you want to

Put Imperva security to work for you wherever you need it: In the cloud, on-premises, in AWS, Azure, or other clouds. You’ll find us where your data is.

How Imperva Application Security Protects Your Customers

Blocks every type of DDoS attack

Blocks every type of DDoS attack

Imperva stops even the largest DDoS attacks with always-on DDoS protection. We detect and mitigate attacks targeting your network infrastructure, websites and applications with 6 Tbps and 65 billion packets per second of scrubbing capacity. DDoS doesn’t stand a chance.

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Always on DDoS protection

Keeps you covered anytime

Your IT team has to sleep sometime. Imperva works 24/7 to defend your applications from the most common to the most sophisticated threats. Our security researchers are continually on the clock updating Imperva solutions with the latest security intelligence. (Don’t worry, we make sure they get sleep too.)

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Secures data wherever it’s located

Secures data wherever it’s located

In the cloud. On-premises. Both. Doesn’t matter. Imperva protects your apps wherever you deploy them using the same set of security policies and management capabilities so you can easily keep apps secure while you migrate to the cloud.

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productivity-killing false positives

Eliminates productivity-killing false positives

You don’t want to block people who should be getting through. Imperva distinguishes attacks from unusual, but legitimate, behavior by dynamically profiling applications to learn their behavior and correlating events across security layers. With the lowest rate of false positives possible, you can be sure every alert and block is accurate and necessary. Need more control for specific protection requirements? You got it. Granular policy controls put you in charge.

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Deploy the way you want to

Deploy where your data lives

Imperva protects your data where it’s located. Choose cloud-based services, or deploy physical and virtual, on-premises or in the cloud. We also cover Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud with the same capabilities that protect on-premises apps. No gaps. Full peace of mind.

Autonomous Protection with RASP

Our language security (LANGSEC) approach to Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) neutralizes threats in context without requiring signatures or anomaly detection capabilities that have high false positive rates. Monitoring applications at runtime with speed, accuracy, and scalability, we also automatically neutralize content, database and token threats before they become attacks.

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