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Mitigate DDoS attacks without impacting performance

A DDoS attack on your network can damage your network performance, your brand and your reputation with every second of downtime equating to lost business. To avoid this problem businesses need fast, automated mitigation for minimal downtime when under attack.

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Imperva named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: DDoS Mitigation Solutions, Q1 2021

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3-second SLA

Our industry-best DDoS mitigation guarantee

Scaling applications includes scaling for threats

When your network is hit by an attack it can quickly impact your business disrupting legitimate traffic on your network. As DDoS attacks grow in size and attackers apply new and more sophisticated tactics; avoiding downtime is becoming more of a challenge.

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  • Customers want high performing easy-to-access services

    Today’s customers need quick and easy access to services without delays, any wait time, or any issues. Going offline can cost you customers.

  • Attackers are finding new ways to take your services offline

    Bad actors keep coming up with new and more sophisticated means of causing maximum disruption to your business such as zero-day exploits.

  • DDoS attacks continue to grow larger and more damaging

    Volumetric attacks can take your business offline without a DDoS solution with the capacity to scale up protection without adding latency.

  • The costs of network downtime are high and recovery is slow

    Manual intervention means longer time to mitigation (TTM) with more opportunity for the attack to succeed and higher cost of recovery.

Scale your application with confidence

When your network is hit by a DDoS attack it is important to block it quickly to minimize disruption to your business while not impacting legitimate traffic. DDoS mitigation needs to work fast, be automated, and able to protect at scale.

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  • Time to mitigation (Block attacks fast to avoid disruption)

    Imperva uses automation and machine learning to block malicious traffic at the edge before it even reaches your network.

  • Every second of downtime equates to lost business

    Imperva DDoS Protection guarantees mitigation in 3 seconds or less with no impact to your performance, your brand, or your customers.

  • Prioritize legitimate traffic when targeted by a DDoS attack

    Imperva DDoS Protection leverages our global network of scrubbing centers to absorb volumetric attacks while protecting legitimate traffic across your network.

Be fearless and mitigate every DDoS attack

Improve performance

Fully-automated mitigation and a global mesh topology ensure lower latency.

Minimize downtime

3-second mitigation guaranteed against any DDoS attack, no matter the size or the duration.

Increase resiliency

100% network uptime guaranteed for improved network resiliency and true peace of mind.

How Imperva helps scale to handle application availability

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Network Protection

Always-on or On-demand DDoS Protection for your entire network infrastructure against network layer DDoS attacks.

Content delivery network

Application Protection

Always-on protection against application layer DDoS attacks targeting your websites, APIs, and web applications.

DNS protection

DNS Protection

Always-on protection for your websites, applications, and APIs against DDoS attacks targeting domain name servers.