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Ensuring consistent application performance

Seconds of website downtime can cost millions in missed transactions and dissatisfied customers. Application delivery needs to be automatically optimized and protected at the edge to minimize the likelihood of downtime. Businesses need business continuity, with guaranteed uptime and zero performance impact - without up-scaling bandwidth to pay for it.

50% increase in site speed

Imperva CDN for performance and resilience

3-Second SLA

Our industry-best DDoS mitigation guarantee.

Customer Testimonials

“DDoS Protection with exceptional mitigation capabilities”. - Head of InfoSec.

Website downtime equates to lost business

End-users won’t sit through slow page load times, and they may never return if they reach a blank page on your website. Making sure your applications are available across the globe, whenever your customers need access, is a significant challenge.

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  • All layers of infrastructure must be operational

    It is not enough to manage a network or use load balancing across environments. There is a constant burden on busy cybersecurity teams.

  • Networks are constantly under attack

    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and disruption of DNS connections rarely cease and manual response is too slow.

  • DDoS tactics frequently change

    The perpetrators of DDoS attacks are constantly developing new approaches and selling to less sophisticated criminals.

  • Malicious bots waste important bandwidth

    Automated attacks continue to mature, and significant bandwidth may be sacrificed even when fraud attempts are blocked.

User content needs acceleration and protection from attack

From eCommerce to financial and aviation to healthcare, all business sectors want to reduce downtime and increase web performance to give users the best and most reliable experience possible.

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  • Automated mitigation of DDoS and DNS attacks

    Attacks on infrastructure need automated containment response to minimize the length of disruptions.

  • Advanced load balancing and bandwidth optimization

    When legitimate traffic peaks, machine learning should efficiently cache pages, while ensuring content freshness.

  • Accelerate content delivery for improved user experience

    Various content and networking optimization techniques should minimize page rendering time and improve user experience.

  • Managed DNS and zones protection

    DNS response times are enhanced by managed services that filter out any malicious packets without impacting legitimate traffic to your website.

Save time, money, and resources, while improving user experience

Improved customer experience

Users get access to what they need with faster load times.

Lower infrastructure costs

Less money is wasted on bandwidth, auto-scaling, and ISP assistance.

Reduced manual overhead

Automated mitigation ensures internal teams can focus more on key initiatives.

How Imperva helps enhance application availability

Content delivery network

Secure CDN

Drive content freshness with machine learning for advanced load balancing and bandwidth optimization.

DDoS protection

DDoS Protection

Avoid unforeseen outages with mitigation against an extensive array of DDoS attacks.

DNS protection

DNS Protection

Enhance connectivity with Managed DNS and protection against DNS attacks.

Advanced Bot Protection

Advanced Bot Protection

Prevent malicious bot traffic from overloading bandwidth with advanced protection.