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Protecting modern web applications

Unknown or zero-day vulnerabilities can penetrate through traditional defense systems, so a comprehensive way to protect proprietary information at every layer is essential. ​​Applications need protection from within during runtime. Modern enterprises must have security at multiple layers to effectively protect against different types of attacks.

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Adhere to NIST standards

Latest NIST 800-53 recommends Runtime Protection for supply chain attacks

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The challenge of mitigating threats at every layer

Many of today’s attack vectors are evolving and finding ways to bypass traditional approaches to security, entering at different layers, and easily penetrating enterprise defense.

The challenge of mitigating threats mobile
  • New vulnerabilities within the perimeter

    With the high number of vulnerabilities, managing false positives, and protecting against unknown threats with traditional security is ineffective.

  • Modern application behavior is complex

    As newer technologies spread through enterprise environments, the blend of microservices, APIs, and containers bring new challenges for security teams to understand.

  • Zero-day vulnerabilities and supply chain attacks

    Traditional solutions only give visibility into traffic to and from applications and protect against known threats, leaving zero-day vulnerabilities within software supply chains.

  • Relying on databases’ native audit event stream is insufficient

    Without compensating controls in an application development environment, development teams must manually secure risky third-party code which may include unknown vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive security over all applications, including third-party apps and open-source code

A consolidated solution can allow the individual components to work with one another and offer full visibility and automated mitigation for new vulnerabilities that can bypass traditional security approaches.

Comprehensive security over all applications including third party apps and open source code mobile
  • Protect and monitor the network’s edge perimeter

    Monitor networking traffic and capture potential threats that exist outside of the applications with automated security and integrated analytics.

  • Leave no API behind

    Security needs to stay ahead of DevOps by reviewing and signing off on APIs before production. To do this requires deep discovery of all APIs and automatic classification of sensitive data.

  • Secure your supply chain from zero-day exploits

    By using code-level protection, the organization’s security intelligence can automatically mitigate attacks in third-party applications and open-source code.

  • Go serverless, without compromising on security

    Automated mitigation to provide security at the pace of development, allowing DevOps and DevSecOps teams to protect without code or configuration changes.

Significantly reduce costs by easing audits and risk

Automated mitigation

Uncover and mitigate security blindspots automatically.


Protection at every layer for all modern apps and APIs.

Ensure compliance and identify threats

Keep pace with development with code-level protection.

How Imperva helps protect your web apps


Web Application Firewall

Stop application attacks, with negligible false positives, to ensure uninterrupted business operations

API Security

API Security

Protect your APIs with a positive security model that detects vulnerabilities and shields from exploitation


Runtime Protection

Protects your applications from supply chain attacks and other zero-day exploits

serverless Protection

Serverless Protection

Keep pace with development and uncover security blindspots on serverless functions

Client Side Protection

Client-Side Protection

Prevents online fraud from website supply chain attacks like formjacking, digital skimming, and Magecart