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Securely move your data to the cloud

Digital transformation means using new databases, in new locations. Data security in the cloud has grown beyond compliance monitoring, and has to be a part of every critical business decision. Cloud data needs to be secure, with minimal disruption to users during transition.

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Data is the most valuable resource on the planet

Data protection is business protection. In an increasingly interconnected world, organizations are migrating critical data to the cloud. Protecting your data, wherever it resides, from both outside and inside attacks, requires more.

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  • Traditional data security tools aren’t suitable for cloud environments

    93% of enterprises have multi-cloud data environments. 84% say they can’t migrate current controls to the cloud, and using multiple tools for on-premises and cloud is too complex.

  • Securing unknown cloud data assets is an uphill battle

    Enterprises may use hundreds of cloud databases, with new assets being continually added and copied. Keeping a current inventory of sensitive data can be a monumental task.

  • It’s extremely difficult to recognize and respond to risky activity

    With so many, and so many types, of databases in use, identifying policy-violating events and risky activity patterns that might indicate a breach is complicated.

  • Relying on databases’ native audit event stream is insufficient

    Databases produce prolific amounts of audit events. Monitoring native audit was once effective, but overwhelms security staff with false positives and complexity.

Security needs to scale across sprawling data infrastructures

The biggest security issue facing organizations moving data to the cloud is how to ensure uninterrupted security across a vast, diverse database landscape in constant flux. Organizations must tackle increased scale without degrading effectiveness.

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  • Eliminate hybrid/multi-cloud complexity with a unified approach

    A unified security platform handles hybrid and multi-cloud data protection and compliance in a consolidated way, ensuring uniform policy enforcement.

  • Centralized policy controls allow management at high scale

    By centralizing security and compliance controls for many data repositories, the time, effort and expertise required to maintain effective security management is significantly reduced.

  • Distill billions of events into critical, clear narratives

    Security teams can focus on what’s important when they have the tools to discover and identify malicious data access across a broad, fragmented technology ecosystem.

  • Orchestrated, automated security processes eliminate response bottlenecks

    By automating processes, such as change management and privileged user reconciliation, organizations can ensure SLAs and minimize time-consuming, manual efforts.

Unify data analysis to identify issues and respond faster

A unified view of all data security

Achieve simpler, more effective security by unifying all your databases, in all hybrid or multi-cloud locations, under a single platform.

Raw data turned into actionable intelligence

Easily identify and respond to what’s important. AI and machine learning process terabytes of raw information to find what’s important.

Faster, more coordinated response

Operationalize security process via workflow integration with SIEM, service ticketing, and business intelligence platforms.

How Imperva helps secure data in the cloud

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