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Mitigating account takeover

Online fraud has dramatically changed in the last few years - it’s not just stolen credit cards and bank accounts. Organizations need confidence that their web applications are protected against today’s automated account fraud.

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Client satisfaction

“A powerful solution with great support to stop bot and other attacks.”

Online fraud methods are automated and growing

Account takeover has been increasingly commoditized through the cybercriminal ecosystem. With the ability to buy credential dumps from breaches and rent bot infrastructure to automate attacks, account theft has become easier and more frequent.

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  • Consumers still reuse credentials

    Despite years of advice from experts, consumers still reuse passwords across dozens of sites and fail to change them when affected by breaches.

  • More digital transactions to impersonate

    Whether it is online banking, purchasing clothing, or filing taxes, as consumers do more online, there are more accounts to steal and ways to abuse them.

  • Automation increases fraud rates

    Most organizations have an expected percentage of transactions that are fraudulent, but those were based on historically manual fraud practices.

  • Bot attack tactics are creative and evolving

    Brute force cracking is available to the masses and credential stuffing techniques have made finding reused passwords from credentials stolen in breaches.

Automated fraud prevention cannot hinder site performance

Account Takeover Fraud mobile@2x
  • Block without losing legitimate transactions

    Preventing account takeover fraud requires multi-layered, intent-based detection to identify malicious logins - with low false positives.

  • Obtain context for fraud resolution

    Clearly see which sites and user accounts are under attack, what techniques were used, and whether the credentials are publicly-available.

  • Protect without impacting performance

    Deploy to applications and websites without any change to the end user experience, load times, or responsiveness.

  • Demonstrate security to customers

    Inform customers when an attempt to take over their account is detected and blocked, but use the opportunity to advise them on how to avoid the risk.

Ensure compliance, improved reputation, and reduced costs

Reduced chargebacks

Cut down on the direct and indirect costs of fraudulent transactions.

Customer support savings

Reduce call volumes and overall support resources dedicated to recovering account and restoring access.

Fewer fake accounts

Avoid the unrecoverable compute resources and illegitimate transactions from fake accounts.

How Imperva helps prevent account takeover fraud

Advanced Bot Protection

Proactively block account takeover fraud and inform consumers before they are victimized.