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GigaOm Radar for Application and API Protection

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The 2022 GigaOm Radar Report for Application and API Protection report provides an overview of the market and in-depth comparison and analysis that breaks down the value of vendor offerings and solutions.

Among them, Imperva stands out as a Fast Mover and Innovator in the Application and API Protection (AAP) market, with our comprehensive solutions serving as a proxy between the application and the world.

Download the report today to learn about:

  • Why Imperva continues to be a leader in this market
  • The changes in both application development and deployment architecture
  • Overall challenges and attack vectors IT staff are now facing in the AAP space
  • Vendor product and service functionality
  • How Imperva stacks up against other vendors and why GigaOm claims we should be the standard for the market
  • Innovative AI integration and automation for bot detection, API protection, and zero day protection, as well as the notable ability to protect infrastructure configuration files