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Assuring data compliance and privacy

Regional data protection, regulatory compliance, and privacy requirements are expensive to follow and audits time-consuming. New privacy laws increase accountability and the repercussions of compliance failures. Companies need to streamline compliance processes and know what data they have, where it is stored, how it is handled, and by whom.

152% ROI over 3 years

A new Forrester Total Economic Impact report (TEI) quantifies that Imperva substantially lowers costs even if you are already using a database monitoring solution.

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Mitigating privilege abuse

85% of internal data breaches (in 2020) involved privilege abuse, says the 2021 annual Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon.

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Rising SQL injection attacks

50% of data breaches analyzed by Imperva Labs came through database attacks such as SQL injection.

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Compliance costs, liabilities and risk

Manually addressing compliance and privacy is costly. Non-compliance penalties and reputational costs can be worse, and an unacceptable risk. Imperva ensures organizations meet data compliance regulations and offers exceptional ROI.

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  • User behavior easily strays outside of policy

    The data handling actions of employees are difficult to enforce across a large enterprise, yet determine whether you are in or out of compliance.

  • Advancing technology increases data sprawl

    Organizations need to be able to confidently say they know where all of their regulated data is, and who has access, or they are at audit risk and breach exposure. Ignorance is no excuse.

  • Gathering evidence takes extensive resources

    Auditors often require detailed documentation. Manually, this is time consuming for staff to collate and compose - even if you have access to the relevant records.

  • Ignoring compliance costs even more

    A negative audit finding or data breach incident often leads to large potential fines and downstream costs from increased regulatory scrutiny that lasts for years.

Streamline, reduce costs, and mitigate risks

The manual tasks in data-related processes, such as data inventory, audit record retention, reporting, and risk assessment need automating. Audit cycles need to be significantly reduced to ensure manageable compliance overhead costs.

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  • Data discovery, classification, and risk assessment

    Data need to be automatically discovered, classified , and assessed as to whether its access privileges create non-compliance or data breach exposure.

  • Audit record retention and archiving

    Audit record preservation is key to automatically storing and archiving aged log information, across all audited data assets, keeping information available and easy to access.

  • Reporting and compliance proof

    Teams need out-of-box audit reports for regulations such as SOX, PCI, NYDFS, HIPAA, GDPR, and more. Impending audits cannot trigger days of scrambling.

  • Separate duties and access behavior monitoring

    Audit responsibility must be easily segmented from database management so you can monitor privileged users and meet Separation of Duty requirements.

Reduce the cost of regulatory compliance with automation

Accelerate audits

Automating processes help organizations complete audits quicker. Streamlined retention and live data access make it easier to answer audit questions.

Reduce costs

Improve compliance staff productivity and effectiveness. Enable teams to accomplish more, in less time, with better results.

Avoid fines and brand damage

Mitigate non-compliance risks and avoid data breaches by identifying bad user behavior before it leads to an incident.

How Imperva can help you with data compliance

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Database Security

Imperva Database Security automates, simplifies, and lowers the cost of regulated data compliance and security for business information assets

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Data Privacy

Imperva Data Privacy gives businesses better visibility into sensitive and personal data exposure, for easier privacy compliance

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