Top Ten Black Hat Pick Up Lines


It’s that time of year again:

10. How about we go home and validate my input?

9.  Your pen testing lab, or mine?

8.  Your mouth says, ‘Spam’, but your eyes say, ‘Breach me.’

7.  I wrote a special version of Stuxnet designed to make you go nuclear.

6.  Care to audit my log file?  You’ll be compliant before you know it and I swear there’s no
performance impact.

5.  You won’t care about antivirus when you get infected with my Flame.

4.  Let’s go someplace private and we can make a bot army.

3.  My Low-Orbit-Ion-Canon is available for “up and down” load.

2.  Give me your credentials and I’ll show you how privilege escalation REALLY works.

1.  I gave Lady Gaga her first SQL injection.  She didn’t have a poker face and neither will you.