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How it works

Imperva RASP detects and blocks attacks from inside the application. Using patented LangSec techniques which treat data as code, RASP has full context of potentially malicious payloads before the application completes its processes. The result? Fast and accurate protection with NO signatures and NO learning mode.

how RASP works

The Only Leader in the RASP Market

Forrester’s research uncovered a market in which Imperva RASP (formerly Prevoty) leads the pack.” – The Forrester New Wave™: Runtime Application Self-Protection Q1 2018
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RASP management dashboard

Secure all applications by default

RASP’s out of the box vulnerability protection provides instant mitigation against OWASP Top 10, known and zero-day attacks. Imperva RASP includes advanced enforcements and controls against content, database and command injections. RASP can even protect your legacy apps and 3rd-party apps.


Making your secure software development lifecycle (SSDLC) efficient

RASP monitors all traffic through your applications showing you which vulnerabilities in your applications are under attack, who’s attacking and how, and what they’re trying to accomplish.

This visibility allows you to focus your SSDLC remediation efforts, or simply let RASP protect — alleviating the pressure on your team.

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