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2023 Imperva Bad Bot Report

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Automated business logic attacks are on the rise, driven by bad bots that can evade detection while wreaking havoc and enabling online fraud. Bad bots mimic human behavior and abuse business logic, allowing threat operators and fraudsters to perform a wide array of malicious activities. Each year, Imperva analyzes data from our global network to investigate the evolution of automated attacks and the bad bots that drive them, documenting the findings in the Bad Bot Report.

For the 10th anniversary of the Bad Bot Report, Imperva looked closely at the relationship between bad bots, online fraud and API insecurity and the impact of automated attacks across a variety of industries.

Highlights of this year’s report:

  • Bad bots are 30% of automated traffic
  • Automated attacks targeting APIs on the rise
  • Evasive bad bots accounted for 66.6% of all bad bot traffic
  • An in-depth analysis of the threat landscape across industries,
    sophistication levels, origin and more