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Imperva ThreatRadar for AWS WAF

If you’ve been following us, you already know that Imperva is a close partner of Amazon Web Services and that we have offered Imperva SecureSphere WAF on the AWS Marketplace for some time now. AWS announced today that it is entering the web security space for the first time and will be offering an AWS WAF solution to its customers.
The concept behind the offering is to provide a basic application security capability that can be extended with content and expertise from customers and partners. Imperva is working closely with the AWS team and we plan offer AWS WAF customers the ability to use our ThreatRadar IP Reputation feeds. This will provide AWS WAF customers some of the same threat intelligence many of our SecureSphere and Imperva Incapsula WAF customers use every day to stop active threats and scale their web application security operations. As we’ve seen with other AWS infrastructure components, we also expect that customers with more sophisticated application security requirements will look to use AWS WAF in conjunction with other offerings like SecureSphere and Incapsula. It’s our vision to create an effective hybrid deployment strategy for those customers and the availability of ThreatRadar reputation feeds will likely be only the first step on that path.
If you’re at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas this week, come visit us at Imperva Booth #116 on the show floor.