Account Takeover Protection

Don’t let them takeover your accounts. Deploy ThreatRadar Account Takeover Protection to evaluate website logins, and detect and prevent attempts to compromise user credentials.

Identify compromised credential use

Identify compromised credential use

Compromised credentials are a gateway to theft. Stop attackers from using lists of stolen credentials to execute credential stuffing attacks. Cybercriminals routinely feed stolen credentials into botnets, which slowly and deliberately test those credentials against high-value websites. Use ThreatRadar Account Takeover Protection to detect and stop these attacks.

Protect websites

Detect bad end-points

Don’t let known fraudsters login. ThreatRadar Account Takeoever Protection checks every login attempt against a database of known bad end-points to make sure the login is legitimate.

Stop dictionary attacks

Stop dictionary attacks

What’s that? Your users still use “pass1234” as a password? Put an end to weak password break ins. Prevent hackers from exploring commonly used passwords to gain access and identify brute force attacks caused by weak or common passwords.

How to Stop Account Takeover

Identifies fraudulent devices

Identify fraudulent devices

Performs device profiling, coupled with pattern matching to accurately recognize new and returning devices. Every login attempt to the web application is evaluated against risk rules that determine the legitimacy of each attempted login.

real-time risk score

Real-time risk score

ThreatRadar Account Takeover Protection uses an adaptive score based on machine learning algorithms to detect subtle, global behavioral, context, and attribute patterns from devices, transactions, and accounts. Your web applications stay continuously protected even as credential compromise techniques evolve.

policy Integration

Integrate with WAF policies

Thwarts attacks with predefined security policies that integrate with your web application firewall. Apply them to your site, server group, service or applications. High-risk behavior results are delivered back to the web application firewall and used within custom policies for enforcement at login.

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