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Busted – by Threatradar Spamdexing Feed and Law Enforcement

Busted – by Threatradar Spamdexing Feed and Law Enforcement

The “long arm of the law” may be delayed in serving justice, but it did round up counterfeit scammers like Imperva ThreatRadar Community Defense was ahead of the game in detecting such spammers that thrive by spamdexing to increase their website rankings and ill-gotten gains. If you host a web application or have an online presence, don’t become a victim of content spam.  

It is apparent from the court order that “” was charged with counterfeiting violations of the Montblanc brand. The court decree seized this domain and over 260 others, but many new ones keep popping up. The actors behind or its variants are not small time players, the site is very authentic looking, and you can check it out here.
The best way to sniff out counterfeits sometimes is to check the payment method- they will typically offer huge discounts when paying by western union.
ThreatRadar Spamdexing Feed
Imperva Defense Center investigated the Montblanc counterfeits, and unsurprisingly we see alerts from our ThreatRadar community defense feed. Following our spamdexing feed alerts, we looked into some spam events pointing to the page If you didn’t know by now, Montblanc is a well-established luxury brand selling watches, writing instruments, and many more men’s accessories.
Even after the decree we see, many counterfeiters’ are still online and are actively campaigning via spam HTTP requests.  In the 72 hour span from 2/25/16 to 2/28/2016, we identified 619 of these events, spamming 41 different hosts, in 216 different URLs. Many of them belong to various blogs, forums, reader questions, and review forms:
With spamdexing of the above kind, there are two victims – the brand/website being counterfeited and the legitimate sites that get spammed with the links. ThreatRadar Community Defense can help prevent your website from being spammed and help protect your SEO rankings and brand value.
Here is how the real page looks.
Ring any bells?