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Support Lifecycle Policy

Imperva Product End-of-Life Information

Imperva takes great care in helping customers deploy Imperva products as effectively and efficiently as possible. To assist our customers, Imperva has established an End-of-Life Policy for all Imperva hardware and software products. Customers with Imperva products under valid support and maintenance agreement are entitled to the benefits set forth by this policy.

The following information outlines the Imperva Software and Hardware End of Life (EOL) Policy, effective April 30, 2010.

Software End-of-Life Policy

Imperva is committed to providing support for all software products for a minimum of two major versions. After two major versions have been released, Imperva will issue an EOL notification for the EOL software version. The EOL software version will reach End of Support (EOS) twelve months after the EOL notification date.

Software EOL Timeline
Milestone Description
General availability date Date the software version is released.
First subsequent major version general availability date Date first subsequent major version is released.
Second subsequent major version general availability date Date second subsequent major version is released.
End-of-Life notification date Date Imperva announces the EOL for the software version. This notification will typically occur at the same time or soon after the second major subsequent version is released.
End-of-Support date The last date support will be offered. The Software EOS date occurs twelve months after the EOL notification date. Customer should upgrade to a supported version by this date.

Please see the Imperva Software End-of-Life Schedule for software versions that have reached the EOL notification milestone.

Hardware End-of-Life Policy

Imperva hardware models reach the end of product life due to market requirements, technological innovations or replacement by products with new, more advanced technology. To ensure a smooth migration to new Imperva hardware platforms, Imperva will continue to support hardware 5 years after the last order date. The hardware EOL policy guidelines are:

  1. Imperva will issue and End-of-Life Notification 90 days prior to the Last Order Date.
  2. Imperva will continue to support hardware products for 60 months after the Last Order Date.
  3. During the 60 month period, repair services or replacement parts will be available for all appliances under valid maintenance contracts.
  4. All standard technical support services, including access to the Imperva Self Service Support portal, and to phone and email support, will be available with valid maintenance contracts.

Please see the Imperva Hardware End-of-Life Schedule for the EOL schedules of hardware platforms that have reached the Last Order Date in the product lifecycle.

Definition of Terms

End-of-Life (EOL): A process that consists of a series of technical and business milestones and activities that, once completed, make a product obsolete. Once obsolete, the product is not sold, manufactured, improved, repaired, maintained, or supported.
Last-Order-Day (LOD): The last date to order the product through Imperva or affiliates.
End-of-Support (EOS): The last date support will be offered and represents the final milestone in a product's lifecycle. Support contracts expire upon reaching product EOS.
Hardware: The physical appliance and its physical components.
Software: firmware and software applications that run on Imperva hardware

Disclaimer: Imperva may continue offering support services beyond the standard EOL period and reserves the right to charge additional fees for continuing support services on any EOL products. Imperva reserves the right to reduce or amend support services offerings available for renewal under this policy at any time in its sole discretion, with or without notice. The terms and conditions of Imperva’s Reseller Agreement, End User Agreement, Support and Maintenance Agreement, as applicable, shall prevail and apply to this EOL Policy and will supersede any conflicting terms thereof.