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Data Security

Managed Services for Data Security

With 24×7 proactive monitoring and expertise delivered by Imperva security engineers, solutions from Imperva Managed Services maximize health, security, and insights for your implementation. In addition to troubleshooting, these services deliver ongoing operational assistance including policy customization, optimization, and advanced reporting, as well as providing on-demand consultation and best practices.

Technical Account Manager

TAMS are dedicated Imperva resources who build a relationship with you and your team, and know the specific requirements and history of your implementation. A support advocate and trusted advisor, they provide technical direction and consultation while acting as a single point of contact for case resolution and product updates. TAMs also conduct knowledge sharing and education to better enable your team, as well as facilitating feature requests and escalations.

Imperva Open Reporting

Open Reporting provides a business-consumable data risk control center that helps uncover, analyze, and visualize data-related business risks so you can effectively collaborate and take action to protect your business.

Imperva open reporting services help you design and deploy the data collection, storage, and dashboard elements. Partner with us to define your security performance indicators, and learn how to make these available to your team in an actionable, visually appealing manner.

Mainframe Security Engineer

Our dedicated engineers are subject matter experts on mainframe database activity monitoring, as well as providing help and support with the following:

  • Agent upgrades
  • Performance checks
  • SSL configuration management
  • Proactive conversations regarding Imperva mainframe product releases
  • Change window planning (and off-hours change window support)