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Application Security

Advanced Reporting

This advanced reporting package provides a holistic overview, security assessment, and statistical analysis of the Cloud Application Security platform on a monthly and quarterly basis. Business stakeholders and leadership have access to high-level security scores and trend summaries, while technical users and administrators will benefit from searchable tables and graphical presentation of technical details relating to specific sites, regions, and attack types.

Security Analyst Services

Security analyst services are your partners in the war against bots, providing expertise in web application security, data analytics, infrastructure design, and application development related to your implementation of Imperva Advanced Bot Protection. Whether you use the integrated cloud or connector solutions, these analysts manage your ABP protection settings, create custom signatures and enforcement rules, and draft custom reports to share with your internal stakeholders.

Technical Account Manager

TAMS are dedicated Imperva resources who build a relationship with you and your team, and know the specific requirements and history of your implementation. A support advocate and trusted advisor, they provide technical direction and consultation while acting as a single point of contact for case resolution and product updates. TAMs also conduct knowledge sharing and education to better enable your team, as well as facilitating feature requests and escalations.

Managed Services for Application Security

Web application security monitoring and management are resource intensive and can be costly for organizations to absorb on their own. Managed Services for Application Security provides organizations with continuous management, monitoring, and on-demand expertise by Imperva security experts.