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Imperva for Retail

With more consumers relying on online shopping, cyber security challenges are increasing. Imperva protects your customers’ data and all paths to it so retailers can focus on growing their business rather than recovering their reputation due to breaches or downtime.

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Retail, August 2021

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Protect customer data

Safeguard personal information

Customer data is critical for creating a seamless online customer experience and a data breach would be a huge risk for retailers and their customers. Imperva offers best-in-class cyber security solutions from the edge to the database to protect your most valuable assets.

Cyber security for online payments

A secure process is critical when it comes to making online payments, because of the increased opportunity for hackers to access valuable data and credentials. Imperva Client-Side Protection blocks any unauthorized JavaScript services or changes to a web page to prevent account takeover and the theft of payment data – without impacting customer experience.

Shop securely in the Cloud

Retailers are turning to cloud technology due to a fast-growing demand for online goods. Imperva Cloud Security solutions secure your cloud environment with a complete solution stack that protects your applications, APIs, and databases, helping you stay protected without the risk of a breach or disruption to service.

Prevent account takeover

Cyber criminals are using malicious bots to target online retailers and access user accounts and credit card information. Imperva Advanced Bot Protection protects your websites, mobile applications, and APIs from automated threats without affecting the flow of business-critical traffic.

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