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Imperva for Healthcare

Protect Personal Health Information (PHI) and meet HIPAA compliance by securing your applications and data wherever they live to keep patients and their sensitive data safe.

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Protect PHI and critical applications

Safeguard sensitive patient data

Imperva Data Security solutions help safeguard your sensitive patient data from unauthorized access and breaches, monitoring data access across a broad range of data stores to identify vulnerabilities and suspicious behavior.

Webinar: Best Practices for Mitigating a Data Breach

Secure medical applications and devices against attacks and fraud

SaaS applications are deployed widely within the healthcare sector and create vulnerable entry points for hackers. Imperva Application Security solutions protect your application data from web attacks, DDoS, site scraping, and fraud.

Ensure consistent patient care and system availability

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks cause serious problems for healthcare providers who need access to the network to provide proper patient care. Imperva DDoS Protection provides cloud-based DDoS security that automatically detects and mitigates all types of DDoS attacks – no matter how large.

Protect patient data and healthcare applications from bad bots

Detect and prevent bad bots from infiltrating your network and accessing online healthcare systems and personal patient information. Imperva Advanced Bot Protection uses machine learning and bot traffic analysis to quickly and accurately identify bad bot behavior and protect your websites, mobile applications, and APIs from automated attacks.