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Imperva for Financial Services

Protect personal financial data and all paths to it with defense-in-depth security for banks, insurance companies, payments providers and financial exchanges. Imperva helps you prevent cyber attacks and achieve compliance in this highly-regulated industry, whether your assets are in the cloud or on premise.

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Financial Services, August 2021

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Secure PII and meet regulatory compliance

Protect and monitor your sensitive financial data

Financial firms manage high volumes of highly sensitive personally identifiable information and require the most stringent cybersecurity. Imperva Data and Application Security solutions protect your customer data and business-critical applications wherever they live to mitigate against costly breaches and non-compliance.

Migrate with confidence to the cloud while remaining compliant

Ensure a successful and efficient transition to the cloud while remaining secure and compliant. Imperva Security Solutions help you mitigate risk and safeguard your assets whether on-prem, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

Safeguard customer payments and accounts

Security is one of the biggest challenges facing the digital payments industry, and cyber attackers continue to target this lucrative market. Imperva Application Security and our award-winning Web Application Firewall (WAF) protect your applications from web attacks, DDoS, credential theft and account takeover attacks.

Prevent financial fraud and credential theft

The rise in automated financial transactions works in favor of advanced persistent bots and digital skimming attacks. Imperva Advanced Bot Protection secures your websites and applications from automated attacks without affecting the flow of business-critical traffic. In parallel, our Client-Side Protection solution defends against attempts at account takeover and payment card data theft.

Solution Brief: Imperva Bot Management for Financial Services