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Secure sensitive data while simplifying compliance

Patient data must be secure as possible and fully compliant, while still being readily accessible to authorized users and third parties

Protecting all paths to healthcare data

Bad actors are innovative and constantly attempting to exfiltrate your data. There are many ways to access data in a modern network architecture, each with their own ingress point. Whether someone from outside your network tries to breach your perimeter defenses or an insider tries to gain unauthorized access, Imperva secures the path. With advanced DDoS/DNS protection, web application firewall, API and microservice security, state-of-the-art data protection, and more, Imperva protects all paths to data.

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Patient data protection technologies

Imperva Data Security Fabric relies on multiple layers of data protection to ensure your patient data remains safe and confidential

Database Activity Monitor

Data activity

Monitors databases, data warehouses, big data, mainframes, and data in the cloud to generate real-time alerts on policy violation

Data Discovery LI

Data discovery &

Reveals the location, volume, and context of data on-premises and in the cloud

Account Takeover Protection

User rights

Monitors data access and activities of privileged users to identify excessive, inappropriate, and unused privileges

Data Masking

Data masking &

Obfuscates sensitive data so it would be useless to the bad actor, even if somehow extracted