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Managed services for Data Security Fabric

Overcome the cybersecurity skills gap and never worry about having the right personnel to ensure a successful compliance audit with Imperva Managed Services

The cybersecurity skills gap is real


Growth in the cybersecurity workforce gap in the most recent survey from 2022


Number of cybersecurity professionals needed to meet the current demand


Percent of organizations that say they don't have enough cybersecurity staff


Percent of organizations that say high-turnover of cyber-security staff is a problem

Insights and expertise

Customers can take the value of their Data Security implementation to the next level with additional insights and valuable expertise provided by Managed Services engineers. Managed Services delivers quarterly reporting summarizing health and security trends within their environment, identifying pressing issues, and providing recommendations on how to mature their Data Security implementation.

Whether executing advanced scans such as database security assessments and sensitive data classification, delivering custom reporting on auditing or configuration, or being available for consultation and thought leadership on new challenges that Imperva Data Security can address, Imperva Managed Services engineers are trusted advisors who ensure that customers using Imperva Data Security meet - and exceed - the security and compliance objectives that will make their business thrive.

insights expertise mobile
  • HIPAA compliance

    Identify and remediate potential data store-related HIPAA compliance issues

  • Custom reports

    Configure and run reports unique to your organization

  • On-demand consultation

    Consult an expert immediately, when you need it most

  • Quarterly reviews

    Regular assessments of policies and procedures