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Managed Web Application Security for Healthcare

Web application security monitoring and management are resource intensive and can be costly for healthcare organizations to absorb on their own

The cybersecurity skills gap is real


Growth in the cybersecurity workforce gap in the most recent survey from 2022


Number of cybersecurity professionals needed to meet the current demand


Percent of organizations that say they don't have enough cybersecurity staff


Percent of organizations that say high-turnover of cyber-security staff is a problem

Protect any flavor of hybrid environment

Deploy Imperva WAF on-premises, in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, or as a cloud service. Easily secure each application while meeting its specific service level requirement. We meet your unique needs by delivering our security solutions as a service or self-managed option. We make sure you stay protected without disrupting your innovation delivery pipeline from modern threats including advanced bots and API attacks.


Deploy Web Application Firewall as a service

Adapt as quickly as your applications using automated policy creation and rule propagation. Minimize the workload for your team and let Imperva handle the policies for you, saving you time and money.

WAF Gateway or Cloud WAF

Deploy Web Application Firewall as an appliance

Deploy WAF exactly where you need it - as a physical or virtual appliance. Decide how to best defend your applications using dynamic profiling and attack intelligence.