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Detect data risk anywhere

Where is my data and what are users doing with it? Growing data volume and an increasingly fragmented technology ecosystem have made this an impossible question to answer.

Analyst recognition

Named overall leader in KuppingerCole 2021 Leadership Compass: Database and Big Data Security

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65+ data repository coverage

The industry’s most complete platform support for on-premises and cloud data

Data Security Coverage tool

ROI-driven customer experience

Trusted organizations rely on Imperva for all their data security needs

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Data security made simple

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  • Gain immediate value

    Pre-configured and extensible templates, policies, reports, and more come “out-of-the-box” for quick, continuous compliance and risk management – with no manual/DIY work required

  • Manage risk across all databases

    Single pane of glass across distributed environments on-premise, in-cloud, and multicloud to find ungoverned data repositories, classify data, assess vulnerabilities, and investigate user activity

  • Speed incident resolution

    Detect both outsider and insider threats and automate response procedures

  • Painlessly demonstrate compliance

    Consolidate reporting operations and get cost effective multi-year retention of audit and forensic records

A 360-degree view of your data risk

The Imperva Data Security Fabric provides you the visibility, analytics, and automation needed to perform proactive responses to compliance and security objectives.

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  • Protect from data-centric threats:

    Account compromise
    Account abuse
    Brute force attacks
    Code injection
    Insider threat

  • Orchestrate and automate actions:

    Entitlement review
    Report sign off
    Change control processes
    Sensitive data alerts
    Database discovery

  • Enrich reports with:

    Contextual metadata
    Vulnerability management history
    User entitlement summaries
    Classified data types

Know who’s accessing your sensitive data

Enterprise-wide data awareness

Continuously find and classify your valuable information whether it’s structured or unstructured, on-premises, hybrid, or multicloud.

Confidence in data integrity

Ensure protection, availability, and integrity of your critical data with security measures focused on the data itself, augmenting network, and application security.

Controlled data access

Unlock appropriate access to security data for teams throughout your organization with self-service reporting and built-in support for popular analytics tools.

Data security, compliance, and privacy solutions for hybrid multicloud

Managed Database Security 1

Data Security

Identify risks and manage compliance for all data repositories through a single service designed to run anywhere within that environment.

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Data Privacy 1

Data Privacy

Discover, classify, and assess personal data stored anywhere in the cloud.

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Cloud Data Security

Cloud Data Security

100% visibility into your AWS databases, 0% hassle. Imperva enables complete AWS database security.

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