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Looking for a comprehensive cybersecurity solution?

We’ve got you covered. Imperva provides cybersecurity solutions that meet the unique security needs of your organization—no matter what the industry or how stringent the regulation.

Industry and Government Solutions

US Federal Government

Protect agency data from cyberattacks and insider threats. Imperva government cybersecurity solutions keep data secure wherever it lives and meet regulatory compliance requirements. We’re GSA and CMD approved.

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UK Government

Insider threats and external attacks pose constant risks to UK government data. Imperva government cybersecurity solutions are designed to thwart the most insidious attacks on applications, websites, file servers, and databases and enable GDPR compliance. Protect UK government and public sector data with Imperva.

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Protecting patient data and your organization from costly breaches adds one more layer to the already complex business of healthcare. Imperva security solutions provide application and data security wherever your apps and data lives – and help you meet HIPAA and other regulatory compliance requirements –giving you and your patients peace of mind.

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Financial Services

Your institution collects, stores, and processes volumes of personally identifiable information (PII), credit card data, and financial transactions—all hot targets for cybercriminals. Imperva security solutions for financial services protect applications and data wherever they live, and help you meet stringent regulatory compliance requirements with ease.

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Regulatory Compliance

GDPR Compliance

GDPR headache? Your job just got easier. Imperva data privacy solutions meet key components of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation and automate data protection and compliance for you.

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PCI DSS Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements impact web, database, and file security. Imperva data privacy solutions meet key components of the requirements and automate data security processes and reporting for you.

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SOX Compliance

Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) compliance just got easier. Imperva provides enterprise-ready solutions that enable you to conduct SOX required risk assessments, validate configurations, audit changes that impact financial data, and streamline compliance processes.

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HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance requires that you protect all electronic protected health information (ePHI) from breach and abuse. Imperva data security solutions automate the control, audit, and management of ePHI – making compliance much easier for your team.

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Federal Agencies

Imperva SecureSphere Data Security solutions discover, classify, and protect sensitive data, manage access rights and mitigate risks of attacks on applications, files, and databases – while satisfying regulatory requirements.

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Additional Regulations

Today, more than ever, organizations are challenged by the growing number of regulations and privacy acts. Imperva solutions help organizations implement regulatory requirements across multiple regulations and streamline compliance efforts.

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Cloud Security

Data and App Security for Industry

Apps in the Cloud

Imperva application security solutions protect your applications where you want and when you want–in the cloud and as you migrate them from on-premises data centers to a public cloud.

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Data in the Cloud

Imperva data security solutions safeguard data. As you move data to the cloud, security and compliance requirements follow. Extend database audit and protection to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

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