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The Hidden Costs of “Free” Database Auditing

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To achieve compliance for regulatory mandates, many organizations turn to the “free” auditing tools within their database servers. In reality, these “free” auditing tools may be costing businesses a significant amount more than other, independent tools such as the SecureSphere data audit and protection(DAP) solution from Imperva. In addition to their hidden monetary costs, the native auditing mechanisms leave basic audit requirements unfulfilled and expose businesses to a host of risks and vulnerabilities that leave sensitive data unprotected. This is true for any of the commercially available databases on the market today. This paper presents the true costs associated with an organization’s decision to implement native database auditing. To illustrate the costs, a scenario is presented in which a medium sized business is hit with hidden costs of $2 million when the business implements native database auditing. In contrast, Imperva SecureSphere database auditing solution would fulfill the organization’s compliance requirements at a fraction of the cost while providing more rigorous data security and auditing capabilities.