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Secure your data to effectively reduce your business risk

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Enterprises are increasingly aware of the need to protect their systems and users from cyberattack. This is a good thing, as it indicates a growing awareness of security risks, no doubt underpinned by the never-ending stream of headlines. Both edge and core are eminently deserving of enterprise investment and attention. However, securing the data itself, both via obfuscation techniques and by deploying database security, is essential to underpin both and, as such, must be front and center of enterprise strategy for managing risk. Key takeaways:
  • Data security “buys-down” business risk more effectively than core and edge security
  • Edge security only looks at inbound traffic and fails to protect authorized data access
  • Core security can not determine if legitimate data access is appropriate
As threat actors continue to find ways through the corporate edge and to hijack the accounts of legitimate users (particularly those with the greatest access privileges), protecting a company's sensitive data assets, and ensuring that authorized data access is appropriate, are the cornerstones of mitigating enterprise risk.

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