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Complement and enhance your data security portfolio to mitigate business risk

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Strong database security is imperative. Databases hold between half and 60% of a company’s most sensitive data. Yet, most enterprises invest more heavily on firewalls and other forms of perimeter security that aren’t enough to prevent breaches. No wonder databases remain the company asset most likely to be breached. And with every second that passes, 291 data records are compromised. In this Ovum whitepaper, we discuss why your enterprise needs to update its database security, and what are the two broad kinds of data security tools: 1) database security tools such as data activity monitoring (DAM), data discovery and classification, and security analytics, and 2) data obfuscation technology such as encryption and data masking that can ensure your data, if stolen, is rendered useless to thieves. You’ll also learn how these data security tools can work together to enhance your other security infrastructure, such as perimeter security tools, Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms, Data Loss/Leak and Prevention (DLP) tools, and log management and Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM). Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each of these tools — and how database security can plug any resulting gaps and prevent threats, no matter which direction they come from. Don’t make the classic mistake of underinvesting in database security. Today’s data threats don’t just come from the outside. They can be compromised employees, malicious insiders, or misconfigured policies that result in data leakage. Whatever the cause, you’ll need today’s database security tools to prevent and mitigate these threats. And this Ovum whitepaper details just how to best deploy them.