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Understanding the role of data security for digital business success

Organizations focused on digital business strategies are seizing tremendous opportunities for growth by creating value from the increasing velocity, volume, and variety of datasets. As the volume of data increases, however, so do the challenges in mitigating the subsequent risks due to data breaches. These include:
  • Increasing risk of financial liabilities due to compliance issues
  • An increase in cyber threats leading  to data breaches
  • Failure to keep up with growing data pervasiveness
  • Difficulty integrating data security and identity management policies

These risks result from compliance and data residency issues, and the security threat landscape, as data flows across new storage and analytics platforms on-premises, in the cloud and in hybrid configurations.

Additional security, privacy, trust, and ethical issues grow as data is also shared with business partners and other data ecosystems. However, current data security strategies do not address these business risks holistically.

Learn more about how an integrated data governance framework can help mitigate risks to your business.

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