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No Silver Linings: Your Dirty Little Secrets Aren’t Safe in the Cloud

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Who do you trust with your data? While exchanging data for access to digital services feels required, 41% of consumers globally say their trust in digital service providers’ willingness to keep their personal data secure has decreased over the past five years. Further, nearly half stopped, or would stop, using a service altogether if the provider suffered a security incident or data breach.

The “No Silver Linings” report, authored by Imperva, is informed by an online YouGov survey of 6,773 consumers (aged 18+) across Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, and United States. The survey reveals several significant trends related to consumers’ perception of trust in digital services and the security of their personal data.

Download the report to learn:

  • Why 35% of consumers say they do not trust any industry to protect their personal data;
  • What intimate and private information nearly 40% of consumers are sharing over cloud messaging services;
  • Why consumers worry about their data leaking from a cloud messaging service, and what serious consequences would follow; and,
  • Why Gen Z is unlike any other generation when it comes to their data sharing habits and whom they trust with their personal data.

At a time when organizations are introducing more digital innovations, security and trust cannot be overlooked during the development of new services and products. Investing in data-centric security is a business imperative for all companies and industries as consumers increasingly worry about the security of their data.