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DDoS Threat Landscape Report Q2 2022

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Today’s DDoS attacks are reaching new heights in terms of rate, frequency, and complexity. During the second quarter of 2022, Imperva detected and mitigated record-breaking DDoS attacks that were able to maintain extremely high rates over a period of several hours as opposed to only minutes.

Using HTTP pipelining and multiplexing, cybercriminals are changing the game with more sophisticated attacks that regularly break records and maintain high rates for a longer duration. This new trend underscores the need for a mitigation solution that stops DDoS attacks within seconds.

Here are a few highlights from this quarter’s report:

  • The number of major DDoS attacks (over 500 Gbps) rose by 287%
  • Imperva detected a 10M Rps DDoS attack that used only 12K IPs and mitigated a record-breaking 25.3 billion requests measuring 3.9M Rps in a single attack
  • Repeat attacks are up this quarter, with 91% of network-layer DDoS attacks being targeted again within 24 hours
  • Hacktivists are leveraging DDoS attacks to disrupt government websites in Ukraine, Russia, and Israel