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The Gorilla Guide To…® Securing Database as a Service (DBaaS)

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Get your free copy of Actual Tech Media’s Gorilla Guide® To Securing Database as a Service (DBaaS), the latest entry in its Gorilla Guide series for IT professionals, focused on simplifying security and compliance for Database as a Service (DBaaS). The eBook features Imperva Cloud Data Security as a great solution to help organizations achieve these goals.

In this eBook, anyone with responsibility for securing data in the cloud will get important insight about topics such as:

  • Trends driving DBaaS usage, and what they mean for security and compliance
  • Security and compliance controls needed in addition to the security provided by the cloud platform
  • How traditional database security tools fall short
  • Best practices for securing DBaaS
  • The major building blocks of a successful solution
  • Pros and cons of various security approaches