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O’Reilly: Full Stack Web Performance

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Modern websites rely on optimized web performance to deliver apps. Yet the same digital technologies that make it possible to accelerate growth has also transformed the roles of software engineers and IT organizations. Ops roles may be now DevOps or DevSecOps. How do they work together and ensure how to manage availability across the enterprise? Author Tom Barker looks at how this digital transformation changes the way we approach web performance in a DevOps environment. The book addresses how to integrate client-side, infrastructure and operations with practical examples. You’ll also find quick wins with existing tools and libraries that can be quickly integrated, including how to
  • Implement client-side tools such as speed tests, continuous integration and real user monitoring
  • Get a walkthrough of CDNs and cloud providers
  • Find out the benefits of edge caching and serving your application closer to your user
  • Learn what it means to operationalize performance: APMs and troubleshooting
  • Assess your next steps: synthetic web performance and full stack development