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Service Availability and Reliability

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As digital transformation picks up pace, the opportunities for disruption by cyber-attackers targeting web applications also increase. Organizations need to be certain they will have minimal disruption and continuity of business and services to their customers when faced with an attack or outages in the market.

Imperva’s Cloud Application and Edge Security solutions are designed to stop these attacks and are built for reliability in such a way that customers can be assured of uninterrupted business operations in the event of an attack on their networks or applications.

This document outlines critical elements of development that make our solutions robust and dependable. It also delves into the processes applied during the development of Imperva’s Cloud Application and Edge Security solutions to provide customers with the reassurance that they have chosen a service built for performance and reliability.

Among the areas covered are:

  • The importance of a reliable network
  • Platform reliability
  • Application reliability
  • Software quality assurance
  • Change Management process
  • Network operations
  • Monitoring
  • Incident Management and Root Cause Analysis

As the global cyber threat landscape evolves and application security grows as a priority for organizations, Imperva will continue to expand our network and enhance our services to protect our customers’ critical infrastructure.