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Join our application security webinar to learn how DigiCert has protected both their AWS and on-premises environments from DDoS attacks and other threats by using Imperva’s SaaS WAF solution.

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Imperva Application and Data Security solutions reduce security and compliance risks in your AWS cloud, so you can confidently deploy and migrate your on-premises applications and data to AWS. Imperva Application Security provides multi-layered defense to protect applications from cyber attack while ensuring an optimal user experience. Imperva Data Security provides real-time data protection and automated compliance auditing for databases running natively on AWS EC2 or in Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) instances.

Secure Critical Web Applications

Imperva Application Security protects customers’ critical web applications on AWS from devastating denial-of-service or application exploit attacks. Our SaaS-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) is an immediately-deployable, multi-layered security service pre-tuned to immediately block Bots, OWASP Top 10, and other advanced threats. Multiple defenses stop malicious traffic before it reaches the website.

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Discover and Safeguard Cloud Data

Imperva Data Security uncovers where your sensitive data resides within AWS clouds and across your hybrid environments. Advanced data risk analytics pinpoint threats so you can remediate before they become data breaches. Continuous Data Activity Monitoring (DAM) audits data access, providing a detailed trail of who is using what data, when, and how. Imperva helps you reduce risk, avoid negative compliance findings, and implement standardized audit and security practices that thoroughly protect the data you migrate to AWS.