The customer, a leading global IT services provider, offers a wide range of information technology and business professional services that span industries worldwide. The services provider leveraged Imperva Camouflage to increase its own security credentials in order to be a contender in a lucrative contract with a major North American financial institution. The partnership with Imperva enabled this services provider to successfully win the contract, resulting in Imperva Camouflage technology being successfully deployed on a wide range of sensitive databases across the organization.

The Challenge

In the current, tumultuous era that is defined by news headlines depicting breaches of sensitive data in sectors like healthcare, education, and finance, the need to be proactive in preventing this financial institution to be the next in the headlines was critical. The challenge for Imperva via the partnership with its customer was to restrict access to sensitive data managed and improve protection of related customer information. Thecustomer also had to enable compliance with consultant security policies in training, development and testing environments, and establish greater controls for alternative development opportunities like offshore initiatives. In addition, the financial and banking institution was in need of a solution that Imperva Camouflage is built for- to achieve secure, realistic data reproduction and integrated masking across multiple database types and applications.

The Customer

The customer is a leader in process and information technology outsourcing and their customer base represents a wide range of public and private organizations that span industries worldwide. With more than $20 billion in annual revenue, this customer has built a strong
reputation on innovative and quality professional services.

The opportunity to provide data masking professional services to a major financial and banking institution emerged, and the services provider looked to Imperva for a solution to enhance their data security offering and credentials.

They required an integrated data masking solution that could be easily integrated across multiple database types and applications. A secure environment with streamlined consulting services was critical for success to secure the contract, along with the ability to facilitate compliance with security and privacy legislation in training, development and testing environments, and enhancing security controls for offshore initiatives.

The Solution

The services provider proactively sought out a variety of data masking vendors for the banking and financial institution when their need was realized, and they offered to lead the evaluation process for them. After evaluating 3 leading data masking firms, they deemed Imperva Camouflage the best option for their customer. In doing so, the services provider was able to enhance their existing relationship with the financial and banking institution through their proactive approach, demonstrating their additional value-add.

The suitable solution was to deploy Imperva Camouflage, our flagship data masking product, across all databases within the organization.

First Steps

The first step was an onsite demonstration by Imperva representative. Responding to the initial masking requirements identified by the financial and banking customer, the proof of concept was conducted on a DB2 mainframe with enthusiastic reviews from the service provider’s evaluation team, comprised mostly with technical resources. The service provider’s evaluation team quickly realized the benefits of Imperva Camouflage, in particular its ease-of-use, intuitive nature, and its ability to create realistic, usable data. It was ensured that development productivity would be maintained.

Confident, the customer proposed using Imperva Camouflage and ultimately won the contract with the financial and banking customer and began masking data as protection.

A phased implementation approach was taken for this project, and Imperva Camouflage was applied to increasingly complex systems at the financial and banking customer site. De-identifying information in database copies has enforced access restrictions to sensitive customer information.

The Results

Complex sets of financial databases were efficiently handled and integrated across millions of rows of data. Referential integrity was maintained across multiple database types, data relationships are consistent across platforms and over time. Realistic copies, accurately portraying the live database, have allowed training, development, testing and off-shoring services to move forward for the end customer.

Our customer’s strong reputation for data security has been bolstered. Imperva Camouflage not only enabled our customer to successfully bid and win a substantial professional services contract, but also further prevented the end customer from a potentially harming data security breach from one of their myriad of information-sensitive databases.