Reputation Intelligence

Reputation Intelligence

Who is sending traffic to your application? Imperva ThreatRadar Reputation Services identifies and filters out the traffic coming from known bad actors trying to access your websites, mobile applications and APIs.

Stop malicious sources

Stop malicious sources

Protect applications from known malicious IP addresses and sources. The Malicious IPs service uses policies that detect requests coming from known malicious origins such as spam servers, bad endpoints, and attack automation servers.

Detect anonymous proxy servers

Detect anonymous proxy servers

Cybercriminals try to stay anonymous online. Imperva Anonymous Proxy detects and stops requests coming from anonymous proxy servers and blocks anonymized hacking attempts by deploying transparent proxy detection policies.

Uncover The Onion Router (TOR) network

Uncover The Onion Router (TOR) network

Protect applications against hackers that use TOR to hide. The ThreatRadar TOR IPs service enables policies that detect requests originating from known TOR IPs.

Locate and visualize geo-location

Locate and visualize geo-location

Pinpoint the geographic location of requests. Find out where requests are coming from geographically and define policies based on country of origin.

How Reputation Intelligence Improves Security

Centralize visibility and control

Automatically updates and enforces

ThreatRadar automaticaly delivers updates from multiple threat intelligence feeds. Feed updates are automatically incorporated into existing policies to update not just intelligence, but protection too

Anti Automation- integration

Integrates policies

Predefined policies provide protection for many ThreatRadar feeds. ThreatRadar feeds can also be incorporated into custom policies to provide more context and increased accuracy.


Benefits from crowdsourcing

Harness the collective insight of WAF deployments around the world and gain crowdsourced threat intelligence. Imperva patent-pending algorithms translate attack data into attack patterns, policies, and reputation data and delivers it to Imperva WAF customers.



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