Bot Protection

Bot Protection

More than 60 percent of internet traffic is now generated by bots. Discern good bots from bad and prevent malicious bot traffic with ThreatRadar Bot Protection.

Separate bots from humans

Unwanted bots generate redundant load on applications, scrape and steal content, and add nothing of value to the website itself. Easily separate bots and stop bad bots from accessing your applications with ThreatRadar Bot Protection.

Identify good and bad bots

Identify hacker activity, classify good vs bad bots, and generate detailed reports of threat IPs and session info—all via an intuitive interface. ThreatRadar Bot Protection client classification engine analyzes and classifies all incoming traffic to your site.

Intelligently add CAPTCHA

Intelligently add CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA is a service that protects your website from spam and abuse, using a risk analysis engine to keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities while letting valid users pass through. Easily add CAPTCHA with ThreatRadar Bot Protection to prevent bots from accessing websites.

How Imperva Bot Protection Works



To combat bad bots, our classification engine identifies bad bots and clients. It looks at reputation, user agent, and request headers, and uses JavaScript/cookie challenges to identify and separate humans from good and bad bots.

Block with confidence

Integrated with WAF policies

Policies apply classification results to stop traffic originating from malicious bots. Bot identification results can be incorporated into custom policies to provide an additional level of context and control to any WAF policy.

One-click enablement

One-click enablement

Enable Bot Protection on web application firewalls with a single click. Safely mitigate against malicious bots without any impact to users and applications.


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