WP Imperva Sonar Automates Global Response to Advanced Targeted Attacks

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Imperva Sonar automates global response

Centralized behavior analytics, unlimited retention, and SOAR capabilities to scale response across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-native environments.

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Protect across cloud-native and legacy

Analyze activity from its start at websites and APIs through your applications to its end at structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data stores. Automation ensures you adapt fast enough to stop insider threats and zero-day exploits.

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Take action across the organization to remediate risk and contain attacks before they escalate


Trigger dozens of playbooks to automatically respond to policy violations and suspicious activity


Ensure years of historical data activity are instantly available for investigations and regulatory audits

Behavioral Analysis

Easily identify unusual and suspicious user behavior from the patterns highlighted for you


Enhance detection and investigation abilities with added context around all data and application events


Clearly demonstrate to leadership and auditors the key trends and security incidents handled by the organization

Achieve more with fewer security vendors

Standalone data and application security lack context to disrupt multi-stage attacks.
Imperva Sonar uses analytics to protect what’s most critical.

Unify best-in-class security

Fully integrated protection for applications and databases everywhere against emerging, automated, and insider attacks

Benefit from the network effect

Threat intelligence and pattern recognition protects all customers from novel attacks as soon as one customer responds

Disrupt across the attack chain

Analyze activity from the website to the data access to identify and block malicious activity through all of these paths